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Frequently asked questions

What To Expect

Is the entire cruise ship clothing free? When do I need to be clothed?

Onboard all of our ships there are only three situations that require clothing:

  1. While docked in port.
  2. In the main and specialty dining rooms.
  3. At the Captain’s Gala Cocktail Party.

While in port and in the dining rooms, casual attire such as shorts and T-shirts are acceptable, but lingerie, fetish wear, robes are prohibited. Otherwise, you may be nude throughout the ship morning, noon, and night.

What is the proper etiquette aboard your cruises?

Proper etiquette onboard a Bare Necessities Cruise is not any different from proper etiquette in any other social situation: use common sense. For complete details, please review our Decorum page under the About Us header.

Is formal wear required at any time?

Casual attire is acceptable at all times.  This includes at the Captain’s reception.

Are there theme nights on the cruises?

In addition to Captain’s Night and an opportunity to participate in a passenger talent show, Bare Necessities traditionally offers additional events on the Big Nude Boat. Some past examples are: FantaSEA-FESTNudapalooza, Naked Man, and Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball.

Are your cruises geared towards a specific group or demographic?

We embrace the wide diversity of people that are attracted to social nude recreation. We welcome people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicites, sexual orientations, and age ranges.


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